All Hands on Deck

It was a full day… feeding Daniel’s baby bulls…

baby bulls(Note the vultures soaking up the morning sun in the cottonwood behind them)

Weighing, pouring, and vaccinating the yearling heifers…

We weigh them individually to chart their growth, and pour de-wormer on their backs (like you put on tick and flea medicine on your dog) and give them their shots.

yearling heifers

The morning was nice enough, but then the wind began to blow.

Vernon told me as a former Casper girl, I shouldn’t mind a little wind… but I’ve been spoiled by living here too long and it’s Very Nice when the wind STOPS.  Plus, it tends to slow down the entire process… our cattle aren’t used to too much wind either, and they’re slower/spookier, it’s harder to weigh since the wind shakes the scale cage that much more, gates swing slower or just drag you along depending on the wind speed and gusts, and half the time we have to close our eyes to avoid the dust cloud blowing through…

We even had the babies there for a bit during the non-blowing morning… so it was a All Hands on Deck kind of day…


All Hands on Deck — 2 Comments

  1. As a non-rancher, I never thought about the wind and how it would
    affect both the cattle and your work. We, too, have a lot of wind
    off Lake Erie here in WNY. It’s been a lovely, gradual spring this
    year – and May 1st the beautiful Magnolia tree bursts into full bloom
    in my front yard!

  2. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!Ugh!!!!!!!!!:( 🙁 🙁 That’s how I feel about the wind. Over here in Northern California..(hell the whole state for that matter) has been having our NORTH WINDS for DAYS now!!I can’t talk it anymore! Not sure about yours but ours is hot, dry and relentless, plus were in the mid 90’s and its still (suppose to be, anyways) SPRING!!!!!Phew…ok feeling better now, thanks Carol…hahaha!!lol! Oh and by the way, the vulture’s in the tree looks many too!!!

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