Weekend Started

Busy day!

I was a tad bit early to the show… so I took some time for wildflower photography…

Indian paintbrush

Then I helped begin the AI process… which consists of a shot of Lutalyse, which is a prostaglandin.  It synchronizes estrus, in other words, all our heifers should come into heat in the next few days… Then the boys and Victoria will Artificially Inseminate them with purchased semen.  All I had to do was slap on the sticker on their backs.  This sticker works like a scratch off game ticket… it is silver now, but it will be bright green when they are “ridden” by other heifers, an indication they are in heat.

tailhead marker

We broke for lunch, and afterwards, I stayed home and hauled trash, worked in my garden, picked up sticks out of my yard (still a TON left to do!), and added the sticks to my unofficial hugelkultur beds.  I mowed some areas under bushes, but EVERYTHING seems to need mowed right now!

At one point, I sat and watched my lilac bushes.  Yes, there’s some honey bees on my lilacs, but I can’t for the life of me see which way they are flying towards home!  At least, some are alive and working away (somewhere!)

honeybee on lilacVernon and I did a little high wind reorganization.  The gusts had blown some of our pivot sprinklers over the rods… I drove my little Mitsubishi underneath, and Vernon reached up and tossed them back over into place!  It took only 10 minutes or so, but I thought the photo was cool!

pivot sprinklersThrow a few burgers on the grill and open a bag of chips!  Let’s get this weekend started!


Weekend Started — 3 Comments

  1. Our lilacs in WNY were early this year so they are almost finished blooming. Just got back from a short trip to Michigan where the landscape
    was festooned with huge 8-10′ lilacs bushes! Never seen them so tall!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. My lilacs are far from blooming. Love lilacs. Hopefully this will be a good summer for wildflowers. Still can’t find your bees? Will they stay in a swarm around the queen? Did she get out of her queen box?

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