Windssssday Gusts

The topic of the past two days just HAS to be the wind!  It’d be so much nicer if the wind just wouldn’t come after having all this great rain and moisture, because it just sucks it right back out of the ground!

Plus, we’ve had it much more severe than usual… 74 mph is what I clocked last night after midnight!  That’s pretty intense, even for this ol’ Casper girl!  It shook my house, and ripped one piece of my new roofing off!  The wind direction was from the east, definitely not typical.  If it’d been out of the usual westerly direction, the tin would have just laid down, but this way, it was lifting up the leading edge.

Sticks and branches litter my lawn, it blew open the shop doors and bent one… but nothing too serious!  Some of our neighbors had it worse, destroying chick housing, ripping roofs completely off of out buildings, trees downed and blocking roads, loss of electric lines.

Today was still gusty, but 50 mph is just much quieter than 74!  Hopefully, this little storm system is playing itself out and we can get back to normal!

Cattle work is tomorrow… we’re starting our big AI Weekend… It may be a holiday weekend for most people, but for us, it’s a chance to have more people here to WORK!  We’re hoping for no more windssssday gusts!


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