Rinse and Repeat

We all feel like this tonight…




Played out.


Many a mile was traveled today.  We sorted out pairs for different pastures and put bulls in with them…


Rinse and repeat.


Time for a Question and Answer Session!  Leave your questions in the comment section, and I’ll get to it in a few days!  Go ahead, don’t be shy!


Rinse and Repeat — 4 Comments

  1. Precious Lucas… I was wondering about his foot also… He looks like he did his job that day… If you see bees on your flowers do you think they are some that you lost? ….

  2. How is Lucas’ foot after the laser treatment?

    And this may have been answered before but here goes: What is your FAVORITE all time meal? to eat? to cook? I’m in a real rut for cooking ideas and need some inspiration.

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