Wildflower Covered


In the midst of photographing wildflowers… thirty head of elk, including a few calves, watched us from afar…

I’m working on a slideshow of my wildflowers… plus a long overdue movie…


is all you get!


Wildflower Covered — 4 Comments

  1. Oh how beautiful…. See, this is why you ‘endure’ your winters to be able to have the summers…. In Texas we ENDURE the SUMMERS heat to have little to no winter. 100 officially yesterday. My thermometer has read 108 – 3 evenings on the drive home….

    Can’t wait to see the slide show and video!!!!

  2. This may have been asked before, but…do you have bears near you? I ask because your picture reminded me of a visit to Colorado once and I took a picture of elk on the mountainside and did not see the bear until I got home and looked at the pictures…I don’t think the elk saw him either…maybe they should carry a camera! =o)

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