Board Rooms Courtesy of Dodge

One of these days, I’ll work on that movie… totally forgot about it again…

I didn’t take photos on Saturday of bleeding the heifers.  We draw blood and send it off to have it pregnancy tested, a new and quick way of seeing how good we are at Artificial Insemination.  Tess tried her hand at the last few head… and I contemplated taking a picture of her pretty manicured nails (left over from the wedding) lifting up the tail and drawing blood from the underside.

You don’t exactly stay clean with that job…

But I was babysitting, and must have got distracted… it might have been a great photo!

It was SOOO hot that day… I took a long break watching the boys in the shade in order to recover!

In search of a photo for tonight’s post, I came across this one from selling the steers last week.  In Wyoming, pickups turn into board rooms… The Brand Inspector, Veterinarian, and Johnny all fill out the appropriate paperwork, and Tess is tending to a dirty diaper.  There’s lots of *that* in various board rooms as well!

board roomCourtesy of Dodge pickups…


Board Rooms Courtesy of Dodge — 3 Comments

  1. If only they did wear diapers in our boardroom vs slinging the you know what all over the walls and us IT folks….

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