Haying Weather

hay fieldsThe guys are hard at it… there’s plenty of hay knocked down and waiting for the baler to make the rounds!

Yes, that’s the baler dusting up the back field.

Yes, those are BIG bales, not little 90 pounders!

Yes, that’s a ton of hay! (multiple tons actually šŸ˜‰ )

Yes, that is an evil power pole smack dab in the middle of my photo!

Yes, it’s another month…

Time for a Q&A session?

I’ve had a couple of questions lately I can use… but are there any more out there?Ā  If so, just drop me a comment and ask away!

It’s hot and dry and definitely haying weather… so let’s make some hay while the sun shines!


Haying Weather — 2 Comments

  1. When do those cute grandsons get their first ride on a horse?
    being held by an adult, and then all by themsevles?

  2. Wish you would show more wedding pics. and especially you and hubby… we all want to see your outfit or did I miss it somehow? Looks so nice and green in Wy. and cattle are looking so good….

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