The girls rode today, so I was Head Babysitter.


Here is *yesterday* in photos…

Morning light…

morning sky
Resting already…
Get her, Lucas!
get her
Lucas and Boomer getting them out of the creek…
out of the creek
Change of dogs… Dally on duty…
Dally on duty
Old roses by the homestead…
old roses
Thirsty horses…
thirsty horses
Tall grass…
tall grass




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  1. I love the old rose next to the old homestead. I always wonder the story that they could tell of their beginnings and all that happened over time. I was wondering how you keep the water from draining out of the tire watering system?

  2. Chief babysitter is a good job, Grandma Greet! How is it watching the boys now that Jaxon is mobile too? Bet you felt like Dally 🙂

  3. Excellent montage of pictures for us to enjoy! I loved the colors and expansiveness of “Morning Light” and think it would make a wonderful calendar picture (hint hint!). Also am totally amazed at the height of
    the grass in the last picture, and would like to know more about it!

    • It’s a brome grass. This was down by the water tank, so it has extra water available and was amazingly tall. However, the rest of the pasture looks good too, but not near as tall!

  4. Aw, yellow roses…. I have to love them… it’s in my heritage….

    Good action shots of the pups…I bet they were ready for their supper last night.

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