Whoa, baaaaaaaby!

cdWhoa, baaaaaaaby, it was HOT today!  98*!

After loading some pairs onto the semis, I hid in my house and rearranged and cleaned and organized…  My basement and tiny air conditioner made the day tolerable!  The cows we’ve been loading on semis are the ones we usually trail to our burned out pasture and then to the top of the mountain.  We’re not using the burned Mesa Pasture still, so we decided that trucking them to the top would be MUCH easier than a HUGE day hiking up the mountain in this heat!

Today, you get one of my good photos of C.D. … perpetually my best subject throughout the years!  He’s still a sweet kid!  Glance at my other 4th of July Rodeo shots… and he’ll be there, too!

The rodeo slideshow is in the works… but I take too darn many pictures to go through them fast!


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