First Horseride

Ah, man!

11:15 and I just finished my rodeo video!  I enjoyed putting this together!  Had to throw it together with Chris LeDoux’s “Horsepower” song… who else?

I really like some of my photos… but you can’t get a good sense of them in this video.  Maybe I should get *less creative* and just post the photos!  Oh, well…

I guess it’ll be tomorrow’s post, rats!

I’m also very excited about receiving my Wyoming made soap in the mail today!  Time to get some more wool felted around this hand made soap from Miller Soap, though I need a run to the wool shop as well!  I have three scents… Citrus Splash, Vanilla Oak, and Sweetgrass!  Can’t wait to get them out for sale!

Oh, for tonight’s pic, since we mentioned this in the Questions and Answers session the other night… Jaxon has joined the “big boys” in getting his first “horseride”, so enjoy!  I think he was!

Jaxon ride



First Horseride — 4 Comments

  1. I’ll “second” all that Della replied!
    This one gets a “First Prize” hands down!
    Bet some of Jaxon’s first vocabulary will include “giddyap”!

  2. Ohhh, that picture is just a heart melter!! There’s just something to wonderful about a Daddy with his baby, or just a man holding any baby, for that matter! Boys too… I watch my nephews with the little ones and that melts my heart too. I especially love to watch one of the big boys listening intently to one of the little ones explaining some big thing in their world. I have some terribly sweet photos of that scene.

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