We Have Elk! Video

Turn up your volume.

Turns out, you HEAR the elk tons more than you see them!  I knew they were there in the trees… and I could see flitting patches of warm brown fur between the trees, much better than my camera could.

The call between cows and their calves is haunting, and desperate, and lonely, and chilling.

(Sorry about the squeak of my saddle, a horse as an unsteady tripod (quadropod?), and my one handed videography.)


We Have Elk! Video — 18 Comments

  1. Love the scenery. The watching the video felt like I was riding the horse. I have the city life in Cleveland and so welcome your videos. Hope you do more! Esp on horseback and of the beautiful Wyoming scenery!

    • I have tons of videos up on vimeo.com, just search for Carol Greet and it will bring them all up. Many were taken from horseback.

  2. Yes, I agree, awesome video, I can almost smell the horse and the elk. The elks’ whistles initially reminded me of humpback whale song. Thanks Carol for filming and sharing this. I, too, have an ES, longer nose and tail, and not nearly so disciplined! 🙂

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  4. wow. that was so cool to listen to! Thanks for sharing, and me too, loved the squeaky saddle so I felt right there. 🙂

    When I was living on a ranch in the BC Interior, the herds would move through in early winter, but they were eerily silent except for the bulls trumpeting.

  5. Love it! They almost sounded like birds, there were so many of them vocalizing. Good dogs for not running off to chase them. And good dog, Dally, for keeping those cows moving along.

    • The dogs just laid down… no barking, no nothing. I think they knew I was filming! I was calm. So were they! Dally did VERY well.

  6. Way to start my day – vicariously on horseback! I love the creaking of the saddle; makes it even more enjoyable. But the elk ~ stunning to see and hear them. Thank you for doing such a nice viceo of this trail ride!

    • I actually was tempted to leave my cows and go film the elk crossing the draw in front of us, but was worried I’d lose a pair! Yeah, I almost saddled Panama, but stuck it out with Mr. Snitcher… boy, that horse loves to eat CONSTANTLY.

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