Father-Daughter Dance

When we moved our cows the other day, Dally was Dog of the Day.

However, Lucas was along with Vernon in the Rhino… and once we’d made the Big Loop (and saw the elk) and arrived back at the corral to pick up *those* cattle, Lucas was free to join in the fun.

Believe me, he had FUN!

cowdog LucasPretty quick, Dally was her daddy’s backup, and they were a team…

cowdogsBetter not argue with them!


OOOH, let’s get this one!

cowdogsIt was a cool day… and not far… and it was Very Nice to see the Father-Daughter Dance behind the cows…

Eh, Lucas?

cowdog on break


Father-Daughter Dance — 4 Comments

  1. The old man deserved a break! He was on double duty: keeping his kid safe, and working cows! Where was the other old man, Mr. Boomer?

  2. I love seeing pictures of him working, and working in tandem with Dally. Not bad at all for a seven year old gimp!

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