Me and My Girl

Sometimes the day starts off with a kick!

kickIt’s cool…

kickAnd running downhill just feels FUN!

kickWell, it definitely went downhill from here…

We gathered the pasture, turned them out into the lane, and they were happy happy cows.  As in nopedon’tcarewheremybabyis, leavemealoneandletmeeat, cutmeoutofthebunch?Idon’tthinkso, whyisyourhorsesweatingthisgrassiswonderful.

We were wanting to leave the yearlings in one pasture and trail the cows and calves down to another pasture.

Hours and hours and HOURS later, we achieved our goal.

Lunch was at 3.  I was so overheated and tired, I could eat only half of my sandwich.  Matt and the twins and Megan and Jaxon and Quinlan had all come up to have lunch with us… and since Matt had brought his saddle up too… I switched places and simply herded the twins for the last 3 hour push.

down the roadI caught up to them and took over the road spot… hopefully helping them along.  As they FINALLY stuck them through the gate, I buckled the twins in their car seats for the trip down the mountain, and I stopped to grab us a snack from the coolers.  Climbing back into the pickup, I saw both had instantly fallen asleep!  60 to zero in less than a minute!

We were all pretty much that way by the time everyone had arrived home.

Remind me again why I love cowboying?

Oh, for that part of the trail I was serenading the ladies with old Girl Scout songs?  For great views in spite of the smoky skies?  Or just for this…

Dally and Brown

Me and my girl…

and Brown Horse.


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  2. Loved the cows “talking” today! 🙂 And the comment about the twins going “from 60 to zero” was very clever and a perfect description of tired
    little cowboys.

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