Just Fine

A full day at work, then I had to get some food ready for tomorrow.

Thankfully, the girls are pitching in, making cookies and a pasta salad… so it’s not as bad as it could be!  😉  I sure appreciate the help!

We saddle at 5:30, but I’ve got to get the food loaded before that…

We’ll then trail the cattle BACK to our home pasture and the corral in order to preg test this remaining bunch.  Remember this just three weeks ago?  It wasn’t a fun time particularly…

I’m hoping the cows will be happier to head “home” than they were to go to the strange leased pasture… otherwise tomorrow may be… yuk.

So Saturday will be another preg testing day…

I bet I’ll be wishing for a hot tub come Saturday night…


I finally took a pic of my new fire pit… the one I flipped a coin for?  I told you that story here.  It may not be permanently in this place, so I’m not setting the stones.  We need some work on our septic tank… and we’re a little unclear of its exact position… but right now I like the pit where it is.

I’m ready to use it every night, but something or other keeps coming up… I’ve got to stop that!!  I’ve cooked supper on it once.  Somehow, cooking over a campfire is more enjoyable to me than cooking over a stove… The fire pit is also my “friendship gauge”… If I can envision us sitting together around a campfire telling stories, then we’re just going to get along just fine!

fire pit


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  1. I think you’re going to love the fire pit. I’ll expect a full report about how many old campfire songs popped into your heads this month!!!

  2. This looks absolutely wonderful! Jealous here! I had a “firepit” at our old house, but it was just a ring of rocks. But we had a lot of weinie/marshmallow roasts there in the dark. Conclusion: firepits make for great memories.

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