Longmire Days

I’m abandoning ship.

Something to do with a television show called Longmire.

I’m leaving the guys behind to work, and I’m going to play.  If you don’t hear from me, I’ve lost myself in “Durant”.  Don’t bother coming to look for me, just call the Absaroka County Sheriff’s office.

I don’t know why I like the books by Craig Johnson so much, or the television series they have spawned, but I do.  Maybe good writing?  Maybe something I can relate to?  Something other than reality shows (blech), CSI shows (loved ’em at first…), and sitcoms that aren’t funny (minus Big Bang Theory).

Plus, it’s in Buffalo, I mean, Durant… and I LOVE going to Buffalo, Durant!  Great drive over the Big Horns, antique stores, nice library, great outdoor shop, some tourist stuff, but not overly so… Then there’s the Longmire Days activities… cast vs. Cheyenne tribe baseball game, showings of Longmire, street dance, book signings and autograph sessions, you can pay to go horseback riding with them or golfing or skeet shooting.

Am I ready for the Continual Soiree?  Nope.

But I did just finish 10 pints of squash relish.

And I took my grandsons to the splash pad in Ten Sleep this afternoon.

Now, my Red Dirt Shirt needs to be built (it’s what I wanted to get autographs on)… and somewhere in there, I need to pack!

Adios, amigos!

I shall have a big grin on my face when next you hear from me!


Now, for something that has NOTHING to do with Craig Johnson, the Longmire cast, or Longmire Days in Durant (see, I remembered…)

studio floor

My floor in my studio… Matt and I did this yesterday!  He hauled it in in 5 gallon buckets!  I just raked it around!  Doesn’t it look wonderful?  A little more tweaking, and concrete can be poured!  I’m so excited!


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  2. Pictures from the splash pad? All four grandsons? How did you watch them all? !!
    Have fun in Durant. What station carries Longmire and what day is it broadcast?

  3. I am soooo envious. You got me started on Longmire, and I have all the books. You can tell Craig Johnson he does good work! I was surprised at how good the TV show is, too.

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