#TBT: Longmire Redux

So my first post about Longmire Days (not about Craig Johnson!) was four years ago, I guess.  It’s not a LONG time ago, but I figured it qualified for #TBT anyway.

And, it’s appropriate because Longmire Days is coming up this weekend again!


Here it is.

That post also has a great old photo of my studio and its dirt floor!!! It’s come a long way, baby!

If you’d like to see more Longmire/Craig Johnson posts, just type the names in the search box on the right sidebar… You’ll see Craig with all his visits to the library as well.  I also have made Longmire videos… and this one… Then there’s the BEST PHOTO from Longmire Days 2015

We shall see what I get this year!

(Longmire just finished filming its sixth and final season which should be out in September.  Longmire Days will continue, according to Craig Johnson, even if the tv show doesn’t… because, well… THERE ARE ALWAYS THE BOOKS!)





#TBT: Longmire Redux — 2 Comments

  1. Yippee. So very glad you are going to Longmire Days. I’ve looked at your older posts as I only found you mid 2014 I think. Still no sign of Longmire S5 on 5USA in the UK. I guess the DVD might be on my Christmas list. Craig’s latest books have been pre-ordered on my Kindle. One has arrived. One next month. Have a great time. Tell Craig and any of the cast they have many fans in the UK.

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