Longmire Days 2014

Here it is!

I only attended Sunday afternoon at Longmire Days… the big humongous crowd had thinned out… it was HOT… and I was very content to sit in Crazy Woman Square and finish my zentangle!  A visit with Toria, Matt, and the twins broke up the time… but finally, it was 5 pm and Ferg’s concert was ready to begin.  I placed my lawn chair in the third row next to Matthew.  He’s an eighth  grader there in Buffalo, and we had a nice visit waiting for the actors to show.  I was the last seat next to the VIP section that was taped off.  Good job, Carol… here they came!

Mathias, Ruby, Cady, Walt, and Craig Johnson (and friends) took their seats! Vic was a no-show.  When Ferg wondered where she was… I almost jumped up and told them I had seen a yellow convertible headed west over the mountains!  I did!  Cross my heart! (For those of you who watch the show, you know what I’m talking about!)  I later read in the paper she wouldn’t be attending other events except the ones she was scheduled for since she was treating this as her vacation.  She missed a Very Nice Concert!

Well done, Ferg!

Enjoy Longmire Days 2014.

Longmire Days 2014 from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


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  2. Thanks for the video. We got in Friday evening, and enjoyed Longmire Days so much, Street Dance, Autograph Singing, Motorcycle Ride, Softball Game, and of course the closing Jazz Standards Concert, loved the town and people. We left early Monday morning. So proud to be Adam Bartley – the Ferg’s dad.

  3. I was there and it was great!!, the people, locals.tourest and most of all the actors and Mr. Johnson. All were very nice. And it was a pleasure!!!!.

  4. Hey Carole,

    When is the next question time? My husband and I are planning on a 10 day vacation in the Wyoming and Montana area. We are going to travel early Sept. by the seat of our pants. (bringing a tent, a cooler, clothes, in our truck) We once camped in Buffalo at the KOA and loved the area. Anyway what do you suggest we see? We are outdoors people and have a 4 wheel drive. I heard the Kilpeper (spelling?) sand dunes were cool. We are the kind of people who don’t make reservations and if we like something we say a bit. What advice can you give some Wisconsin folks?

    • The KOA is still in Buffalo. Be sure to drive in Crazy Woman canyon (a one way dirt road with two way traffic), which runs south east off of route 16. There are several dirt roads in the mountains that you might be able to drive with a high clearance vehicle. In Buffalo – We spent 2 hours in the Jim Gatchell Museum, walked through the Occidental hotel, shopped at a great sporting goods store (a couple of stores south of the hotel, that also sells maps of the mountains trails) and a boots/hats/clothing store across the street (next to the Cold Dish). There is a nice walking trial that follows Clear Creek from the center of Buffalo 11 miles out to the mountains. The drive from Buffalo to Ten Sleep is spectacular. Lots of places to camp along there.

      • The sporting goods store is SportsLure. The boots/hats/clothing store across the street from it is called ReRide 🙂

    • First week of August… 😉 Either Crazy Woman Canyon or the Slip Road for going up the mountain if you have time… High Park Lookout station is an abandoned Forest Service fire lookout near Meadowlark Lake in the Big Horns. Steep hike, but good view! Down here I wouldn’t miss Medicine Lodge State Park, pictographs and petroglyphs in a gorgeous campground. Thermopolis has mineral hot springs if you need a soak, plus buffalo for photos in the park! Then head thru Meeteetse, Cody, and back over the Big Horns through Shell Canyon. Back on top, the Medicine Wheel is interesting, then you can hit Sheridan on your way back east! Lots to do…

  5. Thanks for sharing the video. I spent my vacation in the Big Horns a week ago, visited most of the places of the “Longmire Loop”. Had lunch at the Crazy Woman cafe in Ten Sleep. Drove by your library. Cute little town. Drove to Hyattville and walked around the Medicine Lodge State Archaeological site. Maybe saw your ranch from a distance ? Love the drive on route 16 over the mountains. Beautiful country. Would never have thought of visiting the area except for your blog.

      • The Longmire Loop was published in the June edition of Cowboys and Indians, and was written by Craig Johnson. The article describes things to see, shops and restaurants in several locations west and east of the Big Horn mountains (Buffalo, Ten Sleep, Ucross, Sheridan, etc).

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