Top Ten Posts of 2014

10.  Honey Harvest from My Top Bar Hives– My top bar hives with their unique setup and challenges and the Bee Barn earned tenth place.

9.  Calendar Vote 2 – Your voting pulled this entry into the top ten… and thanks for the help.  The photo is included in the calendar… for sale HERE.

8.  Brad & Dan – This was a surprise to me, but the data said you checked in here quite a bit!

7.  (Not So) Wordless Wednesday – “Ten Bulls” – The only Wordless Wednesday to make it into the top ten.  I’m astonished more Wordless Wednesdays don’t make it into the top category… as they are my favorites!

6.  Local Mystery – This one was shared with many other people kicking it into the sixth spot.  There is no answer for the mystery, but it was fun to discuss!

5.  Whatshername –  Eden’s introduction to the blog world… Who can resist a puppy?

4.  Longmire Days 2014 – Thanks to Wyoming author Craig Johnson and his Longmire series’ popularity, anything with Longmire on my blog pulls in plenty of hits!

3.  PuppyPuppy –  My first call for puppy names!

2.  Boomer – The passing of Dear Sweet Boomer pulled in many hits… He was a favorite and his stories were always popular.  Thanks, Boom.

And the number one post of 2014…  not a surprise for me since it could have been highly controversial and I expected it to be…

1.  Hard Stuff – the end of Colt’s story.


New year, new month… I’m way overdue for a Question and Answer Session!  Post your questions here, and I’ll answer them soon!  And while you’re at it… what was your favorite post of 2014????


Top Ten Posts of 2014 — 3 Comments

  1. My favourite post was you sharing your adventure on the studio roof. Got several friends to read it. We are not as brave as you. Plus the Longmire posts. Enjoying hard back copy of ‘Waiting for Signs’. Season 2 has just finished here with Walt carrying a wounded Branch off into the sunset. No mention of Season 3, though I believe cable will show it in March. Your blog gives us an insight to ranching life. I love it. Thank you for all the hard work you put into getting a blog out each day.

  2. Happy New Year, Carol! Thanks for the weather updates; I love reading and looking at the extremes you experience in Wyoming. In the Pacific Northwest they are almost unimaginable. Questions: Do you have plans to breed Dally again? Also, what criteria (besides her genetics) will you look for in Eden to determine whether you will breed her? All the best to you and your growing family.

  3. I merely can’t disappear your blog ahead of recommending which i seriously enjoyed the common info individuals present for your attendees? Are going to be rear continuously to analyze cross-check innovative posts

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