What a grey and drizzly day!

Rain has moved into the cowboy state once again…  lending itself to thoughts of fires in woodstoves and projects to wrap up.

I chose from a few today… cleaning the house, that perpetual beast that looms over my shoulder constantly… working on the 2015 Red Dirt Calendar… and spending some time in my studio!

I’ve zipped through a year’s worth of photos… and grabbed 73 that jumped out at me!  Needless to say, that’s WAY too many for a calendar, so now my weeding process begins.  I try to not include too many dog photos, or sunsets, or cows… but I may have you start voting on some for me.  It’s more difficult than you think because I remember what happened before/during/after I took each photo, so I may not like it if it was a long, hard, day, or I may lean towards choosing it, if the setting was more enjoyable… But choosing one because it’s the best PHOTO, or one that non-ag people might like is another story!

I also worked on my tabletop maps… I have one map that someone will be bringing me in the next week or so, so I could only do so much… plus, the three bottles of purple Mod Podge will not be enough.  I’ll have to order more through my Amazon affiliate link.  Did you know how that works?  If you click on my links to Amazon on the right hand side of this page (usually, they’re books, but not always!), and you buy *Anything* from Amazon, they pay me a tiny bit for sending you their way.  That’s one way bloggers make money.  If you don’t always want to come to Red Dirt before hitting the current Amazon link, just do it once, and then bookmark it.  Then using your bookmark link, it will always remember that you came through my site to get there!  I’d sure appreciate it!

Pictures of the table will be coming soon… it was a bit dark in there today for a good photo.

Then there’s this thing.


Cute as a button, full of *it*, a chewing machine… the puppy *still* has no name.  I’ve always had one name I’ve leaned towards… and since I haven’t found any I like better… here’s Last Call for Name ideas.

I’m looking for names that include or mean “fire”, Tulli means fire in Finnish, I’m told… and that sounds cute.  (Remember, Lucas has Firelight in his name, Dally has Rimfire)

Or names that mean “red dirt” or “red earth”.  I’m *not* going for Oklahoma, but Eden is a top contender.

I lean towards place names, or Indian names (though those don’t seem to roll off my tongue as easily). Choctaw for dog is “Ofi”, short, sweet, but no one would know what I was saying…

Names of Wyoming/cowboy objects is another area I’m partial to…  Mesa was one I used on a pup that didn’t live… I guess I could ‘reuse’ it.

Last call!  I’ll pick one soon or she’ll be stuck with PuppyPuppy!




PuppyPuppy — 18 Comments

  1. I’m late on this (had my two grandsons here for a few days!). I liked BRANDE (for firebrand), and also for the fire is used to brand cattle (can’t remember if you all still do it that way, sorry). The Brande was suggested by Patr’s post.

  2. Just catching up on some of your posts. A bit late for this one. She is a cutie. I like the name Clovis. A clovis point is a beautiful work of art and it has purpose – and it rolls off the tongue. Good Luck !

  3. Enya – little fire (Celtic/Gaelic)

    Fia – a flickering fire (Italian)

    Seraphina – burning fire (Israel/Hebrew)

    Tandie – from Old Norse term “tandr” meaning fire



    She is beautiful!

    • Don’t know why I didn’t think of this one earlier. Once had a red heeler. His name was Red Sparkler and we called him Sparky. I guess Sparky would work for a girl too?

  4. I like Tulli, but can’t find it as a Finnish name. Found Tuuli, but that means wind. I am mostly Finnish, so hoped to find it.. lol Eldrid is Norse meaning fiery spirit. Kenna is born of fire (English.) Enya is little fire (Gaelic.) Tana is fire or star goddess (Greek.) Adara is fire (Hebrew.) There are quite a lot of fire names.

    Adama, Adamina, and Admina mean of the red earth.

    Looking up name meanings is fun.. lol

  5. I’m still thinking of her as Blondie, but Tuli is Warrior in Egyptian so Tulli for fire and Tuli for Warrior – Fire Warrior… Someone posted Nuri, Hebrew for My Fire – I think that is way cool! Easy to yell too. ☺ Just hurry up and pick one so I can stop thinking of her as little Blondie! ☺ And shoot! about Amazon! I just bought something through them…I’m thinking about doing it again so I’ll be sure to come through your link!

  6. Ember?

    I found it as an English listing for words related to fire:

    Brande “Firebrand”
    Ember “The smoldering remains of a fire”
    Kenna “Born of fire”

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