Once Again

Last week I met with a wonderful person.  Friend of a friend, faithful reader of this blog, and computer nerd, if I may call her that…  She had found where she could look up the name of the photo I have used on every blog post since the beginning.

The beginning.  In 2008!!!!

What does that mean?

It means that this nice lady took hundreds of my photos I had saved to a file and will re-upload them to my blog!  I could have done that visually before, but now we can search for the name, making the process so much easier, faster, and more accurate.  The dirty trick GoDaddy played on me… making most of my old photos disappear, may become just a bad memory.

It will be a slow process… Her idea is simply to have them on hand to work through when her Minnesota winters become dark and dreary.   She wants no pay… Even so far as saying she wouldn’t do it if I paid her!  She just loves this kind of work…

How lucky am I, that such a sweet person came into my life and wants to help me this way?

So, keep an eye out, posts in the fall of 2011 will be first in line.

I’m still looking for a new web host for my website and blog…  When I get a few days to sit down and work through that, it will happen.

I just wanted to give a shout out to M., recognize her for her generosity, and thrill with the happy dance of actually having a photographic journal for a blog once again!



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  1. What a wonderful gift! It’s amazing what computers can do, if you just know how to talk to them. I look forward to the day your wonderful blog is fully restored.

  2. What a special friend you have Carol. My American friend, in the days before digital, would record on tape (do you remember that!!), country music radio shows and send them across the pond by sea or air mail depending on our ££££/$$$$ at the time. She hates country music but knows how much I love it. She is a true friend. I sent her the program link for the WLA in Casper as she is a librarian in Iowa. Look forward to seeing more of your photos. A lot to catch up on as I only found you earlier this year.

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