Long Live Longmire – Quick Pics

bbqHere’s part of the BBQ… wandering around were all the actors… working the crowd.  I’m sure they are all ready to tip over, it’s been a big three days for them, but they’re still gracious, signing autographs and taking 10 bazillion photos again.  Since I have had my pics taken with them, I just took photos of OTHER people with them.  Like this one with my two new friends… I was trying to get myself in there too, but, I stink at getting selfies!  Oh, there were posed ones, but I’ll email it to them so they can see themselves first!

friendsOf course, there was an exception.  I reminded Adam Bartley (the Ferg), that two years ago, he promised me a dance next year.  Well, it didn’t work out last year… so he did a couple dance steps with me and then he did this!

dipYes, it was a rather ear piercing squeal.  Sorry about that!

Got more autographs on my red dirt painted Longmire shirt…

Zahn McClarnon… (Mathias, the tribal police chief)

zahnand A. Martinez (Jacob Nighthorse)…

A.MartinezMusic was provided by John Bishop (Bob Barnes)… who also signed my shirt.

John Bishop

(Yes, I was drooling over those posters…)

Thanks to the other special people who signed my shirt… Pamela, Buffy, Michael, Bill, and Chet… you made this weekend quite memorable!!!

Long Live Longmire.



Long Live Longmire – Quick Pics — 6 Comments

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  2. Not just a “happy dance”, but a “super happy dance!” 🙂
    Thanks for all the photos of this celebration.

  3. Love the pics and love the cast, crew and Longmire TV show! Looks like fun was had by all sure wish I had of been there!

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