2015 In Review

Happy New Year!

In 1959, the first baby of the year for Worland, Wyoming was… Vernon!  Today we celebrated with all the kids, grandkids, and Johnny present.  Vernon asked for meatloaf and mashed potatoes, I added my traditional blackeyed peas, and salad, and German Chocolate cake.  It was a good time, and I think I need to buy more chairs… my table is getting crowded!  Happy birthday, Kimo!


I promised a look back at last year’s blog posts… so here goes.

The top five posts of 2015 were:

5. Long Live Longmire – Quick Pics … the tale (and photos, of course), of the picnic in the Big Horn Mountains with the actors from the television show, Longmire.  It was a grand time… and one of my favorite photos from 2015 was taken there…  This one!  2015, the year I was dipped by Adam Bartley!

adam bartley

4.  Ten Things You Don’t Know About: Haystacks … This one kind of surprised me!  I would have thought it would be my Ten Things You Don’t Know About: Honeybees… nope!  Good ol’ haystacks.  Hey, hey, good for hay!

3. It Rained … The sweet and heart tugging tale of an outdoor wedding, where, you guessed it, it rained. And rained.  And poured.  Where easily tempers could have flared or complaints could have been heard, but, nope… ranchers take rain when they can get it, and M. and J. took it in stride!  Red mud on the white wedding dress and all!

2. To the Rescue … No surprise here.  Between number 1 and 2, I knew they’d top my list.  My video of two whitetail bucks with horns locked together, rescued by Wyoming Game and Fish personnel… well, it appealed to many people!  Vimeo says this little clip has been played 4,600 times!

  1. Ten Sleep Gash … Why this little curiosity intrigued so many people worldwide, I don’t know.  It’s not that unusual… and if I had jumped on this immediately, I would have had a TON more clicks on my blog!  I just thought it was interesting and let the story go for two days before I finally wrote about it!  Next time something a little different happens, I may be faster!  Then again, I’ll probably just be shocked that people are so interested in some minor event…

That’s it, folks.  The top five posts of 2015.  It was a good year.  Thanks for being here, thanks for reading, thanks for sharing my posts on Facebook (you do share my posts on Facebook, right? 😉  (and Instagram and Twitter?), thanks for commenting, thanks for lurking… I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t for you…

May 2016 bring you joy and blessings and a soft breeze to lift your worries away…


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  1. Thanks for all your ranch stories of 2015. Such a different life to mine in middle England they are a joy to read, laugh and at times cry over. AND the Longmire updates are very welcome. I’ve now seen the first 5 of S4 Happy Birthday Vernon. That chocolate cake sounds divine.

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