Happy Fence

I jumped in with Vernon and Brandon for a quick dash to our Mesa Pasture.

You remember the Mesa Pasture… of course, you do!

It’s the one that fell prey to wildfire last year.  You can refresh your memory here.

We now have enough grass on it to use it perhaps this fall… and even more importantly, we now have FENCE rebuilt around it as well!

That’s kind of an important deal, you know…

new fenceThere’s even more good news…

We no longer have to hassle with the 8′ tall sagebrush that calves could squirt through and you’d have to ride around by the gate…

And that gate that was so hard to close, at least, by me! is now a nice gate with pretty solid gate posts and braces.

new fenceGood job, guys!

I should have tried to find some ‘before’ photos to go with these ‘after’ photos… but I spent too much time transferring more posts over from July of 2011.  I’m trying, folks, but it takes a long time…  I’ll see if I can locate some pics tomorrow!

but for now, we’re happy there’s a fence!


Happy Fence — 4 Comments

  1. What a difference! This looks like the fence Craig would build! Must be the rancher training – fences that last and require a minimum of maintenance (because they were built right to start with).

  2. I don’t miss that kind of gate, no matter how nice and fresh and new… lol It does take me back though, seeing it, as most of our gates on the farm were just that sort. Though I handled them fine most of the time, I remember the tangles I got in with them too well.

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