I worked in the studio pretty much all day!  You’d think I’d have accomplished an amazing amount, but, as usual, it didn’t work out that way.

I spent too much time gathering tools and screws.  Definitely one of my pet peeves!  I’d had to empty the studio for them to pour the concrete, and I’d parked my minitruck in the garage out of the wind and rain.  The battery has since died.  Everything is in my minitruck.  I’ll need a hand to shove it outside so I can jump it.  I can *almost* get it to roll, but not quite!  I finally tracked some 4″ screws down at Brandon’s after searching the shops and garage.

I figured out the cutting wheel on my new grinder, and cut tin for behind my cookstove.  Of course, I had to hunt down the perfect piece of tin…

Then, the logs are uneven where I’m putting my concrete backer board and tin behind the cookstove… so I rummaged around and found some pieces of wood for evening that all up!  (is that a word? even-ing? leveling… how’s that?)

Then I needed spacers to hold the tin away from the backer board… so the search was on for a piece of pipe to cut into lengths… that was a fail… so I’m using large nuts!  Hey, this is creative carpentry!

I got it all up, but it needs tweaking… It’s not very pretty, and although the stove will cover up most of it, the stove doesn’t sit that close to it, so it will be fairly visible from angles.

I’m also debating on if I can angle it back and tack it onto the logs, otherwise I can see stuff falling back behind there…  I know you have no clue what I’m talking about, but I’m happy you’re here so I can bounce ideas off of you!  😉

I took pictures, but left my camera out there… and I’m not traipsing out there to rescue it!

I also messed with a window, cleaning out the frame, and wondering if I should just hang a window on hinges so I can open it…

I know I have too many goals for one day, and then I’m frustrated that they don’t all get done!

I guess I should be happy I accomplished SOMETHING, even if I don’t think it is very much!


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  1. Too many goals for one day – we all do that! What we need is “Eight Days a Week”!!

    Hanging the windows with a hinge does sound good. What about a small/narrow shelf or overhang above the area that you talked about where stuff can fall behind the tin? You’ve got Yankee ingenuity!!

    • It’s behind the stove and not really conducive for a klutz like me to have a shelf right there! That was my first idea, too, though! Great minds…

  2. That’s the kind of stuff that happens when I’m trying to clean house… too many details… “was I going up the stairs, or down the stairs… oh wait, I don’t Have stairs!” :/ 😛 And I’m only 45, for goodness sake! lol I think I can actually picture what you’re talking about (tacking back to the logs,) but I can’t be sure unless I saw it. Hanging the window on hinges sounds like a good idea!

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