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I worked yesterday at the library, preparing a slideshow to be the background for a presentation my boss and I were giving for the Worland After 5 Club.  We talked to 53 women about the incredible opportunities the Wyoming Library System offers patrons.

after 5

Luckily, my speech was on the digital opportunities the library provides, which, although vast, I just had to gloss over the highlights.  I spent much more time on preparing the slideshow!  I used a conglomeration of photos from both libraries and then inserted my favorite quotes and quips about books and reading.

The crowd seemed to appreciate that much more than just a plain slideshow.

Here’s a couple of my favorites.

“It is better to have your nose in a book, than in someone else’s business.”

“A book a day keeps reality away.”

(with a silhouette from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast)  “Marry the beast and get that library!”

“Cooking and cleaning are for people who haven’t discovered reading yet.”

I had a TON more, but you get the idea!

Afterwards, we hit the case lot sale at the grocery store.  I LOVE case lot sales!  Nothing like running out of something in the middle of a recipe (and being 47 miles from the grocery store)!  With case lots… that doesn’t happen too often!

I was supposed to drive my boss’ other car home as it had been at the repair shop… and as I pulled out of the grocery store, I noticed a grinding sound.


I sped up and slowed down and wiggled the steering and tried to decide what it could be.  Within a few blocks, just on the outskirts of Worland, I started to smell something.

OK.  Whoa.

I pulled over to the side and stopped.  Smoke instantly filled the car!  Luckily, I knew my boss was behind me so I hit the flashers and got out.  We eventually took the car BACK to the repair shop… transferred my case lot groceries into her other car, and drove to Ten Sleep.

There, of course, I had to move my case lots into MY car.

I got home at almost midnight, and was NOT going to blog!  I hope you can understand why!

I still say it was a pretty successful night even though we had to deal with the malfunctioning (not) repaired car!  We can add it to our list of adventures… like driving home from Cody on the donut spare, not exceeding 30 mph (or whatever the limit is!)… or slipping and sliding over the back mountain road coming home from a library event… declaring it too dangerous to get off the road to turn around.  We’ve had quite a few adventures together… last night was just one more… and, hopefully, there are more in our future!

after 5



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