horsesPanama and Rio are on level ground, it’s just Fossil Butte and other hills are angled!

It rained this afternoon, not much, but between today and yesterday, it’s the most rain we’ve had in quite a while.  Everyone’s talking about how this winter is supposed to be really tough, according to local weathermen and the Farmer’s Almanac, etc., etc.

Trees have tinges of yellow about them, and on brief occasions, there’s that autumnal hint of a chill in the air.

samJohnny’s dog, Sam, takes a break in the shade of the horsetrailer.

shyFunny how shy everyone seems to get when I am rather blatant about taking photos!  I HAD to take this… blue shirts, blue jeans, boots, and cowboy hats… that doesn’t happen very often!




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  1. Hi Carol –
    Love your blog (hate that word!) comments and pictures. I get a tad homesick, though we are in an extraordinarily beautiful spot and enjoying it. Thanks for the time you take on this. Warms my heart!

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