New Vision

I stare at my studio.

I think if I had just worked the same amount of time that I have stood and STARED at that place, I might be done by now!

I try to picture it, though…  how this cabinet will look here, why I don’t want the stove in the middle of the floor, if this window will cast enough light…

Today, Vernon, my sister, and I went and retrieved some plain wooden cabinets, (leftover many many many moons ago from Girl Scout National Center West) and brought them to the studio.  They had been stacked in my basement for years, home to blankets and boots.  Brandon and Vernon stacked them in the studio in a corner, and left.

I stared.


They really looked ugly!  They’re just unpainted plywood boxes, so they aren’t gorgeous to start with, but, really.

My $15 white countertop *was* going to go on one, giving me kitchen countertop/workspace in one.  It REALLY looked ugly.


This wasn’t going to be easy.

I hemmed and hawed and probably drove my sister crazy… nope, they can’t go there, no, I don’t want them by my drafting table…

Then she had a flash of brilliance.


Add two old doors from the garage for countertop, and pitch that $15 one!  I gives me LOTS of workspace!  We test drove it, and I love it!

It’s not permanent, there’s some tweaking to do, so no photos as of yet, but I’m definitely liking it!


Just goes to show you, stare at something long enough, add a dash of new vision and some work shoving, lifting, cleaning, and dusting, and you just might create something cool!


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