What a Haul

My sister and I spent quite a while out at the studio again.  She framed in one window and caulked both of them.  Been meaning to do that as some of the panes were shaky to say the least!  I was nervous I’d go out and find them shattered after a wind storm, but I was lucky!

I now have my little wall under the picture window back.  This is going to be veryvery interesting refinishing this wall.

We inserted the window frame level, uppy downy, crossways, and front to back.  Makes sense.  But the wall leans.  What is flush at the bottom, is an inch out just 3 feet up the wall.  Outside is the challenge, figuring out how things will work to shed rain and snow.  Inside it will become a “feature wall”, which is what some fancy interior designer would call it.

I’m planning on covering it with sections of salvaged wood of varying thickness.  On purpose.  It looks good on a flat wall, we’ll see how it looks on a wall that leans.


We also managed to clean my garden out. All of the green tomatoes are now in my garage… What a haul!

Green tomatoes


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  1. The small green tomatoes can be pickled in Vinegar and salt and and water with green peppers and a bit of hot pepper. You quarter them and pack em in the jar and them pour the vinegar mixture over them in the jars. Heat the lids in boiling water. Seal em let them set to cool and seal. They are great on Pintos and such. BTW That is a lot of tomatoes!

  2. We have a wall or two almost that far out of alignment because we’re on sand and have an earthquake now and then. Drives my husband nuts in all of our remodeling. I love your persistence, adaptability and ingenuity.

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