chevy truckNot much today…

Put some photos on display at American National Bank in Worland, Wyoming.  Some of my favorites aren’t there… they SOLD while at Second Street Bakery!

And speaking of sold…

I can’t seem to keep the local gift store in felted soap… so my stockpile I wanted to create before putting them up for sale in my online store, just has never appeared.  I never can figure out my online store anyway… postage just kicks my YouKnowWhat.

I’m investigating selling them through my Red Dirt In My Soul facebook page.  If you like my page, see some soap you want, then message me your address, and we work out payment, would that work for people?  or is facebook not the way to go?  I tried Etsy once upon a time, and dropped it as well.  I’m at a loss here folks, give me some feedback and I’ll try to make you happy!  I’d love to be selling YOU some soap… and photos…



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  1. Please don’t restrict it to fb, some of us don’t use it at all! Etsy has worked for me, but I don’t really do a lot of shopping/buying there, just go to sites I know about.

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