Counting Our Blessings

As news comes out of the Black Hills about ranchers losing up to half of their herd in the Atlas Blizzard, we voted to bring our cows out of the snow and off the top of the mountain.  They were happy, spread out and grazing some tiny regrowth from the moisture… but there’s another storm coming.

We could gamble and leave them there, and hope it just rains, and pulls the snow off the pasture, or we could play it safe, bring them down, and let it snow all it wants.

Now that we have them most of the way down, it’ll probably just be a nice gentle rain, and warm up the last part of the month.  But, we’re not gamblers.

What I am is TIRED, and you get this photo… lots more to come, but not tonight.

gathering cattle in snowRiding through the drifted snow and melting snow and mud… was a workout.

My heart goes out to the ranchers in the Black Hills… and I’m thrilled we can count our blessings, instead of counting our losses.


Counting Our Blessings — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been watching the news about the early storm – so sad to learn about
    the damage especially to the livestock. Prayers for those affected. Glad
    your situation is calming down.

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