I worked the Scarecrow Contest at the library today.

We had 11 entries… this one that Brandon created won him second place!


I really liked Megan’s entry of “Dorothy and Toto” as well!


But here’s a photo that’ll make you Long Time Readers (and me!) scream with JOY!

windowYes, the window is IN!  It’s dirty, and not finished, but it’s IN!


Last chance for Questions!  Answers tomorrow!  Post ’em in the comment section…


Scream — 9 Comments

  1. I love the way Quinlan is pondering the Halloween Scarecrow that his Dad
    made! It’s like he is saying, “Hmm…I think this is the one!”

    Question: your dogs expend a LOT of energy when they are working. What do you feed them for optimum nutrition?

  2. What a view out that window! I just read your entry about the Atlas Blizzard. My stomach hurt so bad after reading what you wrote that I could not even venture into the links with more information. My heart goes out to all those who lost so much.

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