Windows and Calendar

This helped today!

table sawFinally, I got the table saw up to my studio where I can rip the boards necessary for the last few windows’ installation!  I’m racing against a coming storm… and with Thursday and Friday my days at the library… today and tomorrow are probably *it*.


This is what I got for today’s work!

windowOh, wait… let me pull off the protective film…


Definitely better!

The plan for tomorrow is to install another window to this one’s left… a mismatched set, but one that works tolerably well together.  That will leave me with a 19″ gap left.

19″ of creativity!

I could build a door/shutter that I could open when I need ventilation and close in the winter.  I could put plain glass in there and cover it with glass cobbles for a stained glass effect.  I could see if I can find some kind of existing door (perhaps to a cabinet) and re-use it.  I… I… I don’t know.

I’d really like to be able to open it up somehow, since these windows aren’t able to be opened.


The other thing today produced???  My calendar!  It’s finished and up and available for purchase!

calendarI am doing this differently this year.  It *sounds* easy… although my new shop isn’t up yet, you can buy this calendar directly from the printer!

It’s easy… click HERE… and you’ll be taken to the location where you can place your order and leave a great comment on how wonderful this calendar is!  😉  You can share it and tweet it and whatever you want to do.  Mostly, I want you to enjoy it!

The cost is $19.95 plus shipping.


Windows and Calendar — 5 Comments

  1. Boy, that window is looking great, and I love the dutch door, too. Such a
    beautiful view of that big old tree. Hats off to you as this project continues to come together. And I’m very excited about getting another Rim Rock Calendar!!

  2. Nice! I LOVE your studio! You inspire me! And your cover photo is all it takes to convince this Rd Dirt gal that I NEED your calander.

  3. That view from the door and that new window is the one that charmed me from the beginning. I love that big old tree! It does sound like a good idea to have something that opens in the gap left. The stained glass effect sounds very pretty.

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