Doorway to Creativity

It’s done!  I’m so happy it’s done!

studio door

The only thing left is the interior latch, but I can’t do that until I finish out some around the door.  For now, a nice triangle block of wood and a screw is my interior latch!  It works.

studio door

I found an old “pin” to hold my doors together…

door pinUnbelievably, I also found two old matching door handles…

door handlesFor my exterior latch, I used old metal strapping with a unique “pin” you shove through the strapping and into a hole in the door frame.

door latchI will never ever ever ever ever be a cabinet maker… but this, my door (!)  is one of the coolest things I’ve ever ever ever ever made!  My doorway into creativity!


Doorway to Creativity — 17 Comments

  1. Fantastic! I’m as ecstatic as you are with the design and installation of both the door and windows in your studio. First class job! You’ll enjoy many years of creativity in this special place. You rock!

  2. Wow, so cool! What an accomplishment. Surrounded by your own creativity, with a fire in your wood stove, with a stew bubbling on top, and the views……oh my! You will be in ‘creative heaven’ for sure!

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