Prepare to Blush

Yesterday was bull testing day.

What kind of test, you ask?

Well… the thing that makes bulls a vital part of any ranch.  Their test grade all depends on whether they can pass along those expensive genetics!

So… the vet puts a slide sample under his microscope to make sure each bull is producing a lively amount of swimming semen.  He then takes a long pipette sample from the same place to check for trichomoniasis.  Trich is a venereal disease that can cause cows to abort… something we DEFINITELY try to avoid.

While I’m trying to protect your delicate sensibilities, that’s not the case when you attend these sessions live.  Double entendres and blatant comments, both fly freely from those working the chute and doing the tests.  You better laugh or leave… and, perhaps, prepare to blush.

bull test


Prepare to Blush — 7 Comments

  1. And does the bull get a nice glass of wine or smoke after? 😉

    It’s all part of life with cattle…..Love the blog because you spare us no details.

  2. Well , that is life and got to do what is needed.
    That guy on his knees, I assume is the Vet. I bet needed knee pads.
    That is great about all the help the ranchers and folks are getting. In Kansas 1885 and 1886 winter a blizzard came through the state and froze cattle of all kinds. People could not get out for weeks. There have been bad winters, but not the whole state like that .
    be careful. From south central Kansas Sharon Drake

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