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I had a small bout of trauma… but everything’s good now… so don’t fret!  I came home from work yesterday to a dog that didn’t want to get up and move!  It didn’t take too much for me to figure out that Lucas was constipated, which for him is a bad deal.

Ever since his accident as a pup, I’ve had to keep an eye out, watching that this didn’t happen.  His pelvis is narrowed quite a bit (getting run over will do that to you), so the vet warned me that this might be a problem.  Before, I’ve been around in time to see him straining at pooping, and I can take him on long walks (always the easy way to get him to poop), or feed him some pumpkin, or some greasy food, or even give him an enema.  (of which, believe it or not, he’s very tolerant!)

I had not noticed anything the day before, though I hadn’t seen him trying to poop either!  He did ask to be let out when Vernon woke up, where normally, he’ll wait til I’m up and about.  No Big Deal.  Then I was at work…  Vernon told me Lucas had been acting ill since mid-morning.  MID MORNING!  Holy cow.

Well, needless to say, we flew the hour to Worland.  Well, I wanted to, but it was Deer Thirty, so it was slower than I wanted… The Good Doctor confirmed my suspicions and sent me home, planning to roto rooter out poor Lucas once he was asleep!  No phone calls last night, nor this morning… finally at 9:30 at work, I just HAD to call the Good Doctor!  A late night at the sale barn and a sad emergency this morning had delayed his phone call.

Lucas was fine, though the vet stated, “Once he blew, he BLEW!”  Sorry.  Too much information?????

Well, it’s a soft food diet, with regular pumpkin, and perhaps some pills to keep things soft for Lucas.  I may have to put down my saw and hammer once in a while too, and go for some more walks…  which is not a bad deal…

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the Good Doctor for staying extra long hours and helping Lucas, and my heart.


Last chance for questions for the Q&A.  Tomorrow’s a big day, I’m selling calendars at the local craft fair, then Jaxon turns ONE tomorrow!  Hopefully, I’ll have time to answer those questions, tomorrow… if not, it’ll be Sunday!


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  1. Scary when your doggie is sick… Bless Lucas, he is a great partner for you and knows you will be there…. Hope that is the last episode of anything bad for him….

  2. Poor Lucas. It’s so hard on us as well as our pets, when they are ailing.
    Hope he is rallying now. Sending good thoughts his way.

  3. So glad everything turned out alright. I have a cat with that problem. One of the things that works really well for her is a daily dose of Metamucil. Yup, just like people take. My vet recommended it and it really helps. Just mix with food. Be sure to get the regular taste, not citrus. Well, unless Lucas likes lemons! 😉
    Linda Watson recently posted…Sawhain Blessings to You!My Profile

  4. Poor Lucas. Glad it all came out well. Little play on words. Poor vet!!!!! tee hee So very happy he is going to be okay. So hard when your pups are hurting.
    Hugs, Ginger

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