It’s in.

I hired a friend to do it, and he “donated” some used triple wall stovepipe to my cause, so the stove’s hooked up to a stovepipe and it works!


stovepipeThe tan paint is leftover from its former home… but I don’t care… It was free!

first fireThe first fire has been built… not really a true test of strength against Possible Wyoming Cold, but it put out some heat… I’m sure I’ll test it more in the next few months… of course, finishing that last bit of chinking, placing my glass “prism”, and insulating the ceiling on that side will help too!  Oh, yeah, and the trim around the doors and windows…

Don’t think about the details, Carol, just enjoy the flames!


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  2. It’s so good to have handy neighbors. Now you can be nice and toasty when you escape to your studio. CD player, hot tea water on the stove, and free hours to work on your projects – nice!

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