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Thanks again for your help on my store the other day… I have instituted some of your suggestions!

The photo size, I can’t do anything about.  My address and phone number and map no longer exist there… although, I’m not sure about the phone number.  All of us on the internet forget about all those who aren’t!  😉  I pulled the custom order option since it’s not working correctly.  All I have for sale are the soaps I have on hand.  I did up the postage a bit, I thought it would calculate things differently than it did.  There is no way to post what has sold before you click on the soap and it says “Save to List”… instead of Add to Cart.  That means I have to update my shop often… instead of letting it slide a few days or a week!  My calendar has a preview when you click on the link on the top of the page, or the sidebar.  It will show you the entire calendar!  But that’s on, not SquareMarket.  I was shocked to hear my tabs aren’t very noticeable at the top of my blog… I worked VERY HARD and had to have plenty of help to set them up this way… and to know no one’s using them was amazing…  I hope to change up the color a bit, perhaps if I can figure out how… and then maybe you’ll notice them!  I dropped “ivory” from my color description, and called it “off white” instead so you’re not confusing it with Ivory soap!  (good call, that!)  I will work on the descriptions a bit…

I just wanted to thank you for your help!

Hopefully, I can find time to work on the store a little more this weekend… and get those wool necklaces up instead of them just hanging on my table and couch!

I may be calling on you again soon!  Lots of changes, lots of things to work out!



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  1. The tabs up top are unobtrusive, but certainly not invisible. My main thoughts on the shop (I’ve sat back to consider it for a few days) were that the photo (which is beautiful) at the top is too large and doesn’t look like the header of a shop and that the background being just white is a bit boring. Your photos are lovely and it all seems set up nicely. It’s just a matter of preference.

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