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We, or I should say, the guys, have been busy helping the neighbors with a water project.  There usually isn’t a summer when we don’t work on water projects somewhere to some extent!  Blame that on living in Wyoming where 14″ of rainfall is the norm, and we’ve been in a drought for some years!

Yesterday was the day much of it came together.

The little spring box, modified and welded upon, is 12′ tall.

spring boxThe storage tank… holds 12,000 gallons.

storage tankEnvision hauling these tanks halfway up the mountain on two track roads, and placing them where, hopefully, bit by bit, they’ll fill with Rocky Mountain spring water!

I took nearly 60 photos and we didn’t get the white tank set!  Weather permitting, I can go back up with the guys this weekend, and get some completed photos… then it may be slideshow worthy!

I am continually amazed at what my guys and neighbors can accomplish with ingenuity and hard work!  You listening MikeRoweWorks?  We’ve still got it here!


Thanks for all your honest critiques of my shop.  I’ve changed it to where I only have for sale actual soap I have on hand… I’ll see if I can’t figure out something different with custom orders!  I did change a few things as per your requests… and I’ll continue to modify it as I can!  Thanks so much!  You ROCK!


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  2. Wyoming like much of the west lives by the old saying often attributed to Mark Twain “Whiskey is for drinking but water is for fighting.”

    Water and feed are essential for ranching and of course you need water to raise feed. Good luck on all your water projects!

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