Amazing Water

The last day I rode, we trailed cows to a leased pasture.  It’s one we pass through on our way up the mountain, and one that used to belong to some relatives.  Now under new ownership, we lease the pasture from them.  We also have helped install the new water system.

I began to write about it last fall… then for some reason, I can’t seem to find a future post, although I know I took photos because I just found them!

This 12,000 gallon tank was hauled up a narrow, winding, mountain two-track.


Here’s Daniel inside for some more perspective.


Yeah.  BIG.

After the pipelines were laid, the mother of all spring boxes was installed…

spring box

Spring water bubbles up in this spring box, runs down a pipeline to the white storage tank and it overflows into a pond and a metal stock tank… with a smidge going on down the draw.

Here’s the spring box just a couple of days ago…

spring box

The storage tank… and yes, it’s full.

storage tank

The metal stocktank…


and the little pond…


My guys always amaze me with what they can do… how they reuse, and rebuild, and create, and develop, and think all this stuff through!  This pasture is great, the cows are happy here!




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  1. Carol,

    I read you all the time, and your photos are awesome. Your facebook link on your sidebar is broken… I found your FB page manually but you might want to fix it.

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