I played in my studio… perhaps I should just call it my Playhouse!

The wall that is crooked and out of plumb and not square is playing with my head… and I only have a quarter of the thing done!  I sand and grind and chisel and saw and 45 minutes later I get one board screwed to the wall!

studio wallOnce I finish below the window, the next bit *might* go a bit faster, as it is the *level* (ish) part of the wall.  Then I’ll be fighting the boards above the window again!  I do hope that I can start being creative with it, installing boards of different thickness in some sort of randomness that I’ll (hopefully) love!

I did hit the Frustration Level, though, so I moved onto working on my door.  I hadn’t installed the door stops on the outside, and wind was pretty good about sailing right on through!  That also proved to be a challenge to do by myself, but on the third try, I got it!

Then there was the matter of just insulation stopping the wind where I had squared up the door.  I thought this might work… but, well, I’m not convinced.

license plate doortrimUsing straight boards to trim out the door could be an option, but it would call for lots of ripping of boards to fill gaps.  I thought the metal of the license plates would allow me to bend and cover those gaps.  Well….

Not so much.

I probably should have overlapped them as well.

And maybe caulked them on the back to stop the air from passing under them (plus boxelder bugs and flies and wasps!)  They are just screwed in place now, so I can reposition them… but they aren’t covering the gap like I’d hoped.  Once I bend them down, they interfere with my door…

This may be a fail…

But for now, they do stop a lot of wind, and with winter coming, that’s a Good Thing!

license plate doortrimI’ll continue to play… and see if I can figure out something that works!


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  1. Isn’t there a 20 – 25 plate out on some vehicle someplace? thought I’d seen it in one of your posts. think my dad had that plate for years.

  2. Love the license plates! Wish I had a studio to work on like you are!!

    Suggestion: get some of that spray in foam- GREAT STUFF 16 oz. Big Gap Filler Insulating Foam Sealant. It might actually be good that the license plates are up as then the foam will fill in behind there. I used it to fill in gaps around the foundation and door frame when I put in a new door in the garage. It will be at any hardware store or even Wal-Mart. (I know you are remote, but Cody’s not too far away or Riverton either!)

  3. Hmmm…tough project your’re dealing with. Just a few ideas in addition to what has been suggested from others: caulk wherever you can: staple pieces of plastic sheets over big cracks then do the wood panels. Or maybe
    long pieces of heavy fabric around the perimeter of the door. I like the old license plates as a decorative accents, but I like them horizontal best! Good luck!!

  4. I am enjoying seeing your work-continually-in-progress. Maybe it is a work-in-progress-unto-perpetuity?

    That’s fiber insulation stuffed around the door frame, right? How about covering that with a layer of expanding foam insulation. Or even styrofoam panels – those could be fitted snugly with a lot less effort than real boards. And if you goof cutting as you go around, toss the mistake. That stuff is cheap! Then cover up the “inside story” with the license plates (brilliant idea, BTW).

    I’ll be waiting for the next installment.

  5. I enjoyed seeing this post. Sometimes I think we are the only ones gradually working on a project and using whatever we have saved or have laying around the farm. And sometimes I wonder how good of a job we’re doing. Your playhouse is lovely! And your trial and error approach sounds enjoyable. So, I’m just going to borrow this lovely and enjoyable perspective for our own farm office project! Thank you! It’s early on a Monday, and already I’m feeling better about the week! LOL I agree with, Marie, I’m enjoying your site. Best, Emily Grace
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