I’m Bored

I sure like hearing back from everyone on my projects!  Keep the ideas coming in!

I worked at the library today… and I’m sure you’re thrilled to know our Fiction and Mystery sections are now “weeded”, moved, and there’s plenty of room for the books to breathe again!  We’ve been working on that, and decided since I’ll lose a couple days work over Thanksgiving, I’d come in, get some hours in, and finish our project!

Our mystery section was so tight, we couldn’t fit new books on the shelves, but now it’s all pretty!

Then I started a little bitty craft here, because, believe it or not, tomorrow is the Twins Birthday!  They’ll be two years old!  Already!  We’ll journey over the hill to celebrate on Saturday, so I have a couple of days to finish this gift… details later!

While that was drying, I started loading some new soap photos to my store… didn’t get that finished, but it’s late and I’m getting up early to ride tomorrow… just a little gather of cows that are headed to the sale.  My camera’s charging and I’ll gift you with some pics… just not tonight!

Never let it be said that I’m bored…


I’m Bored — 2 Comments

    • Funny that you mention it! I gave Mr. Johnson his own shelf! We were calling it his shrine… We’d put up photos from when he spoke here… Light a candle… all sorts of comments. We do plan on getting lots of his little Steamboat novellas for One Book Wyoming next year! I’m planning ahead… right? 😉

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