Front Door

Remember this?

stepsThis is what you used to see as you entered my house.  Of course, technically it’s the BACK door, but no one in the country, except salesmen that don’t know better, ever comes to your FRONT door!  We’re all tromping in mud and you-know-what on our boots, so if it’s possible, we go to the back door.  And this was mine.

GREEN, and I mean, GREEN, indoor/outdoor carpet that caught every piece of dirt possible, was wearing out after being on these steps for years and years and years.  I hated it since the day I moved in.  Last MARCH… that month of green beer and green shamrocks… I ripped it out in a few minutes of contented bliss.

It was gone!




Black backing foam and glue now appeared, and yes, GREEN paint under it all!

stepsThat was nastier.

I “cleaned” it up and have lived with it all spring, summer, fall, and this far into winter.  Yesterday, Vernon suggested we attack it.  We had contemplated all sorts of things… tile, wood, grind it down to concrete and paint it, I even entertained the paper bag floor, but decided months of scraping, grinding, and cleaning was more effort than I wanted to put forth!

Vernon has borrowed a gun to attach boards to the concrete… and we’re going with that.

It may be painful since we’ve never done that before, but, and I have to keep reminding myself… it will be better than GREEN carpet, it will be better than GREEN carpet…

stepsThis is our first dry fit, looking down from the top.

Just a FYI, you may need to come to my FRONT door for a few days…


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