It’s -16 out there.  Nothing like a good chill in the air to keep you inside working on unfinished projects!

Still unfinished… but progressing enough you need to see the update!

When I was first thinking about moving into this house, I took photos of everything… the other people were in the process of moving out, but I went through and took pictures of each and every room anyway.  My steps used to look like this.

stairsGreen indoor/outdoor carpeting.

After the remodel and everything… I REALLY didn’t like them!  They caught every bit of hay and dust and showed it!

And then there was the little visitor at the bottom of the steps (we didn’t have a better place at the time to stash him!).  He didn’t help the situation any!

calf stairs

Then the post about ripping it all out came along… Front Door.

It even showed the roughed in version with bare wood!

Tonight we stand here.

stairsAnd looking up…

stairsAnd into the basement…

stairsI bought more plugs today, so perhaps I’ll work on this tomorrow since the high is supposed to be zero.  My house is warmer than my studio!  And even unfinished… MUCHMUCH better than green carpet!


Time for another Q&A!  Leave your question here!


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  1. Steps look great… Question… what method do you use to keep your chickens warm in winter and do they go outside in the pen during the day time even in the snow?

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