Code Name Verity

The tears fell and I had to go in search of Kleenex.  It was horrible.  It was soooo good.

I just finished a book that held me in anticipation and suspense for most of its pages.  And oh, the ending.  My goodness.  The Ending.

That’s the Best Thing about working in a library, you can get the first chance at new books… and from now on, this is one I’ll be passing out to everyone.

We had purchased Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein and while preparing for a book talk that I regularly give our 6th graders, I found out that it is the second, companion book to Code Name Verity.  Well, we needed that first one!  The small paperback (not available in hardback from our provider) was finally processed Thursday, and I tucked it in my bag for the cold journey home.

Now, I’m the type of reader that regularly has two or three books going at once, and Code Name Verity was calling my name.  I put the others aside and began to read.  This is a young adult book, easy enough to fly through, but the farther in I dug, the harder it was to put down.

My Christmas decorations are down, but not all packed away.

Two loads of laundry are dry but not folded.

My eyes are now swollen and I believe I need a residual Kleenex…

I am not going to tell you the story, I don’t want to ruin any of it.  I’ll be ready for Rose Under Fire when I get back to work on Thursday, but for now…

Now I’ll sit and contemplate and shed another tear or two over Code Name Verity.

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Code Name Verity — 2 Comments

  1. Good Morning Carol,
    I’m a reader, so both books will be on my list of must reads. I’ll be sure to have tissues on hand.
    If you have never read Jubilee Trail, try it. It is a oldie, but goody. One of my favorites.

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