Full Moon

Well, looks like Rafflecopter isn’t working for everyone… so it’s ok, make a comment (one per day only, please!) here on the blog and I’ll just throw everyone in the hat, and do this the old fashioned way!

Let me know your favorite part of Red Dirt and you’re entered to win a Red Dirt calendar (value $20).  Contest is over January 19, 2014 and I’ll announce the winner on my blogoversary, January 20th!

I spent most of the day babysitting and watching it snow 4″ over the slick ice the warmth the past few days created.  Holy cow, it’s slick out there under that snow…

I did gingerly go out this afternoon to shut up my chickens… and saw this on my return trip.

full moonNo tripod in hand, but I decided to zoom in anyway…  amazing how it turned the sky completely black when I zoomed…

full moon

full moon

full moonAll taken from the same spot, just using my little point and shoot and no tripod.  Not great, but still pretty cool…


Full Moon — 15 Comments

  1. I love the posts about your grandsons. Priceless. Second favorite is progress on your studio. By the way, how did you finish your back steps?

  2. I’d like to know how you get those pups of yours cleaned up enough to let them in the house after working outside. Is in-side a routine or a treat? Also loved the pic of the old buffalo

  3. My favourite thing was your video from your horse when you introduced him to the puppies. Some were so brave but they were all so adorable I just wanted to hug them all.

  4. Favorite thing: Memories of family fun, great cousins, the smell of fresh mown Alfalfa, and in my youth the red herefords. Thanks for reconnecting me with my roots. <3

    What kind of camera do you have? It takes great pictures.

    Love to the fam.

  5. These pictures were awesome! I was amazed seeing those close-ups of the moon. Favorite thing: there are too many, Carol!! I found your blog via
    the English Shepherd Club, but it’s the variety of stories and pictures you provide daily have captivated this “Western” fan.

  6. It moves me so much to be able to experience, through your writing and photos, the beautiful life in another part of our great United States. Thank you for being so unselfish with your time and sharing so graciously with us.

  7. Do you ever watch The Pioneer Woman cooking and ranching show which takes place in Oklahoma. I was just wondering what you thought about it.

  8. Love reading about your daily life on your ranch. And your photos are amazing. Look forward to reading your blog every day.

  9. Hearing about how your studio is coming along is another favorite part of your blog for me. 🙂 Cool photos today! Rather astonishing how the sky turned black!

  10. I love your blog. Wait for your post every nite. I love reading about all you write and all of your pictures. Thank you, Carol

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