Wet Felted Wool Hat

The latest wet felted wool project was this… a hat!

My son-in-law got a great hat for Christmas, knit, and with well formed ear coverings… so I decided I’d make one for me out of wool.  I copied the pattern and went for it.

I was really down to the tail ends of my wool… except for the roll of turquoise that Victoria found under my couch!

wool hatI gave it a little bit of decorative edging along the front.  I’ve never wet felted something that way… this is all an experiment!

wool hatI’m hoping the flowery design will last through the wet felting, and I’ll just add some details with needle felting.

wool hatI’m making this hat like I did my mittens, with the bubble wrap resist in the center.  It will have to be reversed, so for now, the flower design is on the bottom, and I begin to layer wool roving over the top.

wool hatLuckily this was an experiment, as I’m obviously pretty poor at figuring out how much wool I need to make a REAL hat…  Things got a little tight as my turquoise ran out pretty fast!

Tune in tomorrow to see how it turned out!

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Wet Felted Wool Hat — 6 Comments

  1. Carol,
    I look forward to pictures and to stories about the family, the cows, and the dogs, especially Daniel, Tess, Jaxon and Boomer, of course, but I enjoy seeing and hearing about everyone else too.

  2. Well, my last comment is to tell you how amazing I think you are. I have to ask. Do you ever sleep? How do you do all the things you do?? I get worn out just reading about it! (And no, I’m not brown nosing to win a calendar!) ;o)

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