Moonset and Sunset

I’ve been kicking myself for not going out and trying to take moonlight on snow photos last night… it was absolutely, brilliantly, gorgeous!  So when I headed to work this morning, I had my camera in hand, hoping to catch a shot of the moon on her lustrous way down…

and I did!

moonsetThis is the time of year that if you’re a fan of blues, and purples, and pinks… you’re Happy.

So I continue down the road, berating myself for not leaving earlier and having time to stop to take photos with purpose and deliberation… when I drive past a neighbor’s corral.  There stood a paint horse on top of the corral fence!  I did a double take, and realized he was actually standing on top of a dirt pile in the corral, and driving by at 60 mph, he sure had the optical illusion he was standing on a fence rail!  I laughed and was sad to realize I really didn’t have time to turn around and try to go back for the shot… I was late due to moonset already!

This evening we watched a large cloud stack itself against the southern sky… and light up with the sunset’s reflection.

glowcloudI just had to zoom in a bit… just in case I ever want to paint this!

glowcloudI’d say that’s a pretty great way to start and end your day… Moonset and Sunset!


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