Can’t Ask for More

So yesterday was spent getting the cows ready for calving season… some vaccine to pass along good antibodies to their calves, a shot of minerals, and a little wormer.  Plus some sorting of the younger cows off from the older.  The 0’s and 1’s, aka the two and three year olds, we keep separate.  They get a little extra/better feed.  Those REALLY old cows, the few 11, 12, and I think we had one 13 year old (?… but I might be wrong on that), they get to go with the young ones.  A little extra feed will help the old ladies!

My job was easy enough.

Cook lunch.

Reload Daniel’s mineral gun.

Open/close the gate to sort the cows.

Instead of catching each cow individually, we’d load four in the alley, and Vernon and Daniel would give them their shots.  It’s faster and the guys have the long arms and the strength to run those guns.  (Me, I prefer the individual syringes!)

vaccinatingDo notice one thing.

It was snowing!  It didn’t accumulate much, but it did snow on us much of the day.

vaccinatingThey did have a short break to visit with the Select Sires salesman.  He was stocking Daniel up on their new catalogs.  Daniel sells a bit of Select Sires semen on the side, so if you’re one of his customers, or want to be, call Daniel now and get your new catalog!

select siresAll in all, things went pretty smoothly.  The girls are sorted and in their places.  Lunch was good.  Can’t ask for more on a snowy day!



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  1. That’s a pretty important job for the day… hope it wasn’t way – wind chill… It was -20 wind chill here yesterday AM….

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