Wordless Wednesday – “Lucas’ Sunset”

Lucas' Sunset


Wordless Wednesday – “Lucas’ Sunset” — 26 Comments

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    • Their choice. They can come in if they want, but many times it’s too warm inside and they’ll ask to go out. Sometimes they’ll stay in every night for a long stretch, but usually they prefer outside, esp. in summer.

  4. Ok…I was a tiny bit jealous that you had your very own studio space, and it didn’t really seem fair the studio has such a spectacular view…and now you show us that it’s facing West so you get to see the glorious Wyoming sunsets from the studio?? Sigh. Wow…you are one lucky lady! 🙂

    • Thanks! That’s one reason I picked this old chicken coop overlooking the field. It may just be a bit warm in the summer though! Does that help? 😉

      • It was -20 F, not including the windchill, here in Minnesota this morning…being too warm in the summer sounds pretty darned great right now! So nope…it doesn’t help! 😉 It’s been a long winter! Love your blog by the way, been reading for a long time, just not one to comment very often!

      • Pat, I’m glad you’ve started commenting! The one thing about old windows, they sure feel good to sit inside of on a sunny winter day!

  5. We have some spectacular sunsets here in Florida, but I really miss the Western ones I used to see in New Mexico and Colorado! Thanks for the reminder!

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