BlogHer15 VoTY Award

I was going to do the Question and Answer session, but something was delivered by UPS yesterday and I HAVE TO SHARE!

Within the plain cardboard sat a dark velvet box with custom ribbon around it.  The ribbon read “SHE KNOWS MEDIA”.  No question about it… this was my BlogHer Award!

Perhaps you’ll remember that I was chosen as a Voices of the Year (VoTY) Honoree by BlogHer.  This one was the real deal, although they’ve liked me before… scroll all the way down to see my ‘badges’.  I’m even published in an awards book!  This year, they liked my photo from this post. Thanks to Lucas, my remodeled studio, and a gorgeous Wyoming sunset, I captured this trophy.

The BlogHer Convention was in New York City and I decided to pass on the event.  Some of you urged me to attend, some of you said pass… but between the airplane ticket, the time spent off the ranch, nothing to wear (ha!), and a fantastic offer close to home… Wyoming beat out New York City!  I had SO MUCH FUN over at Longmire Days!  I met new, wonderful people, hung out with Craig Johnson and most of the actors from the tv show Longmire, ate good food, and LAUGHED!

dipI mean, really?  This is my favorite photo!  I’m pretty sure no television actor would have dipped me in NYC!  (Honestly, I’ll take the Ferg over Boys II Men, DJ Spider, and Nick Cannon anyday! – (entertainment at BlogHer15))

Once I opened the lid of that velvet box… and saw what was inside, I did sigh – just a bit!  Holy guacamole!  I knew I was getting an award, I’ve gotten certificates and pins and tshirts in the past.  NOTHING.  NOTHING LIKE THIS.  And 3.7% of me thought, ooooh, maybe I should have gone to the Big Apple after all!

I decided to show it to you.  This thing is HEAVY.

Since I was out prepping to paint the barn and outbuildings…


Then one for Lucas, because without him, the photo wouldn’t have had that extra appeal!


I tried a selfie… big smiles make my eyes all squinty, serious is a Bad Look for me… so this was the best I could do…


But Wyoming surpassed all my feeble attempts this evening.  The photo was entitled “Lucas’ Sunset”… so here’s my “VoTY15 Award’s Sunset”!


Cool.  Thanks BlogHer!






BlogHer15 VoTY Award — 18 Comments

  1. Congrats! Don’t forget us little guys now that you’ve hit the big time! ☺ And choosing Wyoming over NYC is exactly what I would have done too!

  2. Congrats! Best part of it all is getting to see your lovely, just right smiley face. Picture of u and the Ferguson is beyond awesomness.

  3. Hey! Well done on your award. I’m with you on your decision not to go to NYC. Give me Walt any day. Must start reading Junkyard dogs, next book on my list.

  4. Yessss! Congratulations!! I think there are many, many photos here that are totally prize-worthy, but I love that BlogHer picked Lucas’ Sunset – and how you are sharing the recognition with your good, handsome Lucas. I agree with Marilyn – display it proudly! (Just not where the sun might hit it…) Excellent choice, BlogHer!! 🙂

  5. Carol, I’m doig a big squinty eyes smile for you. 🙂 An award that is so deserved for all your beautiful pictures and sharing so much if yourself and your life with your readers.

  6. Congrats again , Carol!! I always thought you made the correct decision to stay home.
    Thank you for your gorgeous pics and entertaining stories every day!!
    You really should be quite proud of yourself to have been professionally recognized for your photography .

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